Welcome to Girl Meets Kitchen! My name is Julia and these are a collection of some of my favorite recipes. My passion for cooking & baking was inspired by growing up in the kitchen with my grandmother and mom. When I was just a little girl, in a kitchen.

Now I’m in the kitchen with my little girls, teaching them
about real + approachable food, made always with love.

Although I’ve been in the kitchen experimenting as long as I can recall, it was after the birth of my oldest daughter that my journey in food really took flight. Both of our girls had severe reflux and food intolerances, which led me to diving into the quality of ingredients in the food we ate. The end result has produced a more intent focus on cooking with quality ingredients, but keeping recipes approachable + delicious.

Saved by grace. Wife, Mom + Food enthusiast with a passion for sharing love
through my kitchen. My goal is to recreate favorite foods with real ingredients.

Fluent in sarcasm, fueled by coffee + joy-filled moments.

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Welcome to Girl Meets Kitchen and thanks for stopping by!

E-mail inquiries can be sent to girlmeetskitchen@mail.com.

All photos are by + property of Julia @ Girl Meets Kitchen.
May not be used without author’s permission.




One Comment on “About

  1. Hi Julia!

    Good day!

    We are The Real Co., a start-up company that offers non-GMO and organic food products and we promote healthy eating habits and healthy living. We looked at your website and we are very pleased with your posts, especially your recipes.

    That said, we would like to ask if you are willing to to work with us. Whenever you’re available, kindly let us know what your thoughts are about this matter. Thank you very much and have a nice day!


    Tricia Agatep
    Online Marketing Assistant
    The Real Co

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