Cauliflower + Dill Spaghetti

Week night meals can vary from a well planned, calm menu to a frenzied episode of Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ in our home. If you work, have children, volunteer, travel often or any combination of the above, you get where I’m coming from… Read More

Vegetable Lo Mein – Gluten Free

 I distinctly remember trying Lo Mein for the first time. It was from a takeout restaurant in my hometown in a tiny strip mall a few doors down from my mom’s business. It was everything you want Lo Mein to be:: greasy,… Read More

Lasagna Soup

I have this sweet little 3 year old who has a zeal for life like no one else I’ve known. She’s passionate about everything {including her opinions}…except cheese. I can’t even begin to imagine life without cheese, and at times I find… Read More