The back to school shuffle is real! Any parent can attest to the very real change in routines and schedules when the kids start school again…which can sometimes lead to less time for meal planning. If this is you: rest easy! This… Read More

Motherhood, wine and cheese have to be synonymous…don’t you think? Add summer to the mix and VIOLA! You’ve got yourself the perfect ingredients for hosting a girls night in. What’s more: no babysitter required if they bring over their kids to run… Read More

Give me any roasted veggies + I’m an insanely happy woman. Put them in dip form, and the entire house is happy. (Definitely me most of all.) This dip is a nod to the eggplant dip from Black Sheep Pizza in Minneapolis,… Read More

Spicy Maple Glazed Rumaki

I love how social media connects people. It’s a gathering space where people from all different walks of life can connect and share; come together. This is very much akin to my philosophy on meeting at the dinner table – we gather… Read More

Cheesy Skillet Onion + Bacon Dip

As back to school creeps closer and pre-season football games are in full swing, I find the comforts of heavier appetizers to munch in lieu of dinner more appealing. This one will become a new staple on weekends and holiday gatherings in… Read More

Cheesy Jalapeño + Chicken Skillet Dip

I finally got around to buying myself a skillet, and I really couldn’t be more excited. It’s long overdue + quite frankly a bit embarrassing that I waited so long because there have been countless recipes I’ve wanted to make that required… Read More

Spinach Artichoke + Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Christmas is nearing & holiday parties are in full swing. Traditions new + old are being celebrated with friends & family. I love this time of year – but not for all the Hallmark reasons. For me it’s a time when we gather round the table and reflect on… Read More

Citrus Sweet + Spicy Almonds

Whether entertaining a large group of people or looking for something to have on hand to satisfy a nibble – you’re going to want to make these highly addicting almonds. A little bit sweet, a little salty & a little spicy, they… Read More