Give me any roasted veggies + I’m an insanely happy woman. Put them in dip form, and the entire house is happy. (Definitely me most of all.) This dip is a nod to the eggplant dip from Black Sheep Pizza in Minneapolis,… Read More

Spicy Maple Glazed Rumaki

I love how social media connects people. It’s a gathering space where people from all different walks of life can connect and share; come together. This is very much akin to my philosophy on meeting at the dinner table – we gather… Read More

Cheesy Skillet Onion + Bacon Dip

As back to school creeps closer and pre-season football games are in full swing, I find the comforts of heavier appetizers to munch in lieu of dinner more appealing. This one will become a new staple on weekends and holiday gatherings in… Read More

Cheesy Jalapeño + Chicken Skillet Dip

I finally got around to buying myself a skillet, and I really couldn’t be more excited. It’s long overdue + quite frankly a bit embarrassing that I waited so long because there have been countless recipes I’ve wanted to make that required… Read More

Spinach Artichoke + Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Christmas is nearing & holiday parties are in full swing. Traditions new + old are being celebrated with friends & family. I love this time of year – but not for all the Hallmark reasons. For me it’s a time when we gather round the table and reflect on… Read More

Citrus Sweet + Spicy Almonds

Whether entertaining a large group of people or looking for something to have on hand to satisfy a nibble – you’re going to want to make these highly addicting almonds. A little bit sweet, a little salty & a little spicy, they… Read More