Mocha Mint BIZZY Martini


If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you’ll know two small fun facts:

1) Iced coffee is my jam. I drink it year round, even in the dead of winter in the state of Minnesota. My husband and I share many moments over iced coffee every morning in the midst of syrup laden toddlers and diaper changes before heading to work. Speed dating for parents – it works!

2)  Quality of ingredients is my number one focal point (as often as possible) in the kitchen. Flavor shouldn’t be compromised, but I’m of the belief that real ingredients belong in the kitchen and play a huge role in our mental and physical well-being.

One day last week, BIZZY coffee sampled their cold brew concentrate in my office space and naturally, I was inclined to sample the goods. I heard the words cold brew, followed by organic and it was a Jerry McGuire moment in the making; they had me at hello. They sent me some samples and asked if I’d like to collaborate. A partnership built to last!

The cold brew is incredibly smooth and all things I look for in an iced coffee, but I was also pleasantly surprised with the amount of thought that went into creating the product. Their goal is simple and admirable, resonating with the very same principals I follow in the kitchen: to produce the healthiest and most convenient products on the market.”  I completely agree that flavor and convenience shouldn’t forgo health. Do yourself a favor and head to their site, order a box of liquid gold + enjoy.

This recipe is the first of a few I have made using BIZZY coffee –  and it’s the first for good reason. The smooth flavors and zip of the caffeine in the concentrate are perfect for a modified version of an espresso martini. This recipe is two in one; keep it classic (without the Chocolate Mint Bailey’s) or follow the recipe in it’s entirety for the mint mocha version.

Take this recipe to another level and add a scoop of ice cream. Cold brew affogato with a boozy BIZZY addition is delicious.

Recipe yields 2 martinis.



  • 5 oz. of your favorite vodka (I used Ciroc, which is a celiac friendly choice)
  • 4 oz. BIZZY’s coffee concentrate
  • 1.5 oz. Chocolate Mint Bailey’s
  • Mint leaves to garnish


  1. Fill two martini glasses with ice and sparkling water to chill the glass while mixing the ingredients.
  2. Fill a shaker with ice and pour the measured ingredients into the shaker. Shake well for 30 seconds. Note: If you are seeking a classic espresso martini, omit the Bailey’s from the recipe. 
  3. Empty the ice and sparkling water from the martini glasses and dispense the shaken ingredients between the two glasses.



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